North Carolina Dairy Photo Contest

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Each year, the North Carolina Dairy Photo Contest allows youth to put their creative talents to use in developing a message about the dairy industry for the consumer public. In the design and development of the project, youth learn a great deal about the dairy industry. The contest is also supported by The Dairy Alliance.

This year, participants will submit their original photographs that incorporate a new theme and logo. The theme for the 2019 Dairy Photo Contest is “Dairy is in our DNA”. Youth should incorporate this theme and logo into their photos.

Get more with milk logo

Competition in this contest will be conducted on an individual basis in Division I (9-12 years of age), Division II (13-15 years of age), and Division III (16-19 years of age) at the county and state level. Youth in Division IV (5-8 years of age) will participate on a non-competitive basis at the county level only. Youth in Division IV may choose to still enter a poster, rather than a photograph, in the local contest. Competition age for 4-H members is determined by what age the child was on January 1, 2019.

Stanly County 4-H youth should submit their photos to the Stanly County 4-H office by no later than 5 p.m. on September 24.

Contest rules and entry form

Contact 4-H Agent Kacie Hatley if you have any questions.

(704) 983-3987