Why 4-H Camp?

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“Why should I send my child to 4-H Camp? What if they aren’t ready? What if they are homesick? What if…???”

Instead, ask these questions:

  • What if my child has the time of their life?
  • What if my child gains self-confidence?
  • ‘What if my child has amazing experiences?
  • What if my child learns to be their best self?

Well these “what if’s” and more are why you should consider sending your child to 4-H camp! Let’s count down the top 5 reasons to attend 4-H camp!

5. A week away from electronics – As we know youth spend excessive time with electronic devices. At 4-H camp, your child will be participating in our outdoor programs sans the electronics! They will learn how much fun they can have outdoors!

4. Teamwork – Your child will learn valuable lessons in teamwork during the week while living with and participating in activities with other youth from all over NC! Winning cleanest cabin (or at least trying), making it through the team challenge course, learning how to work with others who aren’t like you, are just a few ways your child will grow!

3. Stories to tell – Your child will have wonderful stories to tell – Stories of triumph, stories of troubles, and always stories of accomplishment, laughter and new friends!

2. Trying something NEW – From new songs, swimming, canoeing, rock wall climbing and so much more your child will have a new experience at 4-H camp!

1. Independence/ Self-Confidence – As a 4-H camper, youth will gain skills as they traverse through the 4-H camp week. During this week they gain that “Can do” attitude that we want to instill in our young people by overcoming obstacles without the watchful eye of their parents. Now that you have read our top 5 reasons to go to 4-H camp.

Do you still have a few more questions?

When & where are you going to camp?

We will be attending Millstone 4-H Camp in Ellerbe, July 12–17, 2020!

What age?

Ages 8–14. 8–12 Traditional Campers, 12-–14 Adventurers.

How much is 4-H camp?

Stanly County 4-H works hard to help campers secure funding to help with camp costs! A regular week of 4-H camp would cost you $420 however if youth completely fill out 4-H camp scholarship forms they can go for $270 for an entire week of overnight camp.

Do I have to be a current Stanly County 4-H member to go to 4-H camp?

No, you just need to be a youth between the ages of 8–14!

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in learning more about sending your child to 4-H camp please contact Kacie Hatley, Stanly County 4-H Agent, at 704-983-3987 or email kacie_hatley@ncsu.edu.

Adapted from Caswell County’s article “Why 4-H Camp?” by Brandi Boaz.