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Technology to Do List for New County Extension Employees

  1. Find out who your county computer contact(s) and Information Management Agent are. They can help with all the rest of these tasks.
  2. Learn your Unity ID and password. Your Unity ID is your passport into most of the NC State and Cooperative Extension applications.
  3. Change your unity password and update your remote identification questions.
  4. Setup Google and University two factor. You have 30 days from the new employees first login.
  5. Change your Mac password (if using a county mac system)
  6. If using an EIT Supported Mac, contact the EIT Help Desk at (919) 513-7000 to start the file backup system.
  7. Learn your e-mail alias address and your county’s web site URL.
    1. NC State e-mail aliases are usually “your_name@ncsu.edu”
    2. County URLs are “county.ces.ncsu.edu”
  8. Configure your Email
  9. Know how to read, send, print and save e-mail messages.
  10. Verify and update your contact information in the Extension Directory, select your Area(s) of Responsibility and Update Your Image in the NCCE Directory.
  11. Update your contact information in the NC State Directory
  12. Combine your unityID@ncsu.edu and your full_name@ncsu.edu accounts in the MajorDomo list server (Instructions)
  13. If you will be the Local Foods contact person for a county, please refer to Roles and Responsibilities Local Food Coordinators.
  14. Familiarize yourself with the Extension Learning Management System
  15. Familiarize yourself with the Leave Request process
  16. Familiarize yourself with the Travel Reimbursement Request process
  17. Create an eXtension account at people.extension.org
    1. Update your profile in eXtension.
    2. Add your eXtension account ID to the Extension Directory, to link your social media profile.
      1. Linking your eXtension ID Guide
  18. Update your eXtension Ask an Expert Widget preferences at: https://ask.extension.org/

During your first month in Cooperative Extension, you should:

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