Three-Season Interest With Serviceberry in Your Landscape

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When considering plants for your landscape, it is good to consider what interest the plant might bring in all seasons. A plant favorite for the Piedmont of NC is Amelanchier arborea, often called “Serviceberry.” A native plant to North Carolina, Serviceberry provides three-season interests with its spring pink/white flowers, beautiful, edible fruits, and the impressive fall color.

Amelanchier species are typically multi-trunked small trees, reaching 20-25ft quickly. Attracting birds and pollinators, this plant is a must for the native or natural garden. The red-orange foliage in fall color is recognized by many as one of the most spectacular fall landscape plants. The small black-to-red fruit is often used in jams, jellies, and pies.

Serviceberry prefers part-sun to full-sun, moderately moist to dry soil. The trees tend to be deer-resistant, which is becoming increasingly important in the Piedmont of NC. Selected varieties and newer hybrids are available, such as ‘Autumn Brilliance’.fall foliage Fruit forming Flowers

Select Amelanchier  species plant for a native addition to your landscape. Providing for pollinators, wildlife, and fruit for the home, Serviceberry is a sure winner. Find more information on Amelanchier arborea and other great plants for North Carolina.