Preserving the Harvest

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As you begin to harvest the many fruits and veggies from your garden this summer, you may begin to wonder how you can possibly eat them all before going bad. Home food preservation methods such as canning, dehydrating, and freezing are wonderful ways to preserve your fresh produce to enjoy at a later time.

When preserving at home, it is important that you follow recommended recipes from trusted sources in order to ensure a safe product. You may be familiar with one of the main pathogens of concern in canning, Clostridium Botulinum, which causes Botulism, a very serious and sometimes fatal food poisoning. Not to worry, the risks associated with home canning can be minimized by simply following research-based recipes and having your dial gauge pressure canner tested annually.

The N.C. Cooperative Extension in Stanly County offers hands-on preservation classes for those who want to learn or need a refresher; we also test pressure canners for FREE . If you have questions regarding home food preservation, please contact Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, Hayley Cowell at 704-983-3987.

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